How will Human Life be Irreversibly Transformed in the next 25+ Years?

Singularity Summit at Stanford  May 13, 2006

I will be watching for online notes, powerpoints, audio/video recordings of these. If you are in the San Fran area, drop in, grab some audio/video recordings and post them.

The free event will be held in Stanford Memorial Auditorium, 551 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305. Seating is limited. Please RSVP. For further information: or 650-353-6063.

Nick Bostrom – Cory Doctorow – K. Eric Drexler – Tyler Emerson – Douglas R. Hofstadter – Steve Jurvetson – Ray Kurzweil – Bill McKibben – Max More – Christine L. Peterson – John Smart – Peter Thiel – Sebastian Thrun – Eliezer S. Yudkowsky

Among the issues to be addressed:
Bostrom: Will superintelligence help us reduce or eliminate existential risks, such as the risk that advanced nanotechnology will be used by humans in warfare or terrorism?

Doctorow: Will our technology serve us, or control us?

Drexler: Will productive nanosystems enable the development of more intricate and complex productive systems, creating a feedback loop that drives accelerating change?

Hofstadter: What is the likelihood of our being eclipsed by (or absorbed into) a vast computational network of superminds, in the course of the next few decades?

Kurzweil: Will the Singularity be a soft (gradual) or hard (rapid) take off and how will humans stay in control?

More: Will our emotional, social, psychological, ethical intelligence and self-awareness keep up with our expanding cognitive abilities?

Peterson: How can we safely bring humanity and the biosphere through the Singularity?

Thrun: Where does AI stand in comparison to human-level skills, in light of the recent autonomous robot race, the DARPA Grand Challenge?

Yudkowsky: How can we shape the intelligence explosion for the benefit of humanity?

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One Response to How will Human Life be Irreversibly Transformed in the next 25+ Years?

  1. “Will the Singularity be a soft (gradual) or hard (rapid) take off.” ?
    What kind of gay shit is that?

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