Flocked and enjoying it

Flickr Photo Thanks to the guys at Flock for making an integrated blogging tool. If there is one great thing about the “Web 2.0” craze of late that has also been a great stumbling block, it gotta be the decentralization. How to keep track of all the logins, formats, and nuances built into this game. All I really want is a browser that is a shell allowing me to plugin APIs from all my favorite sites…and have them work together. Let the APIs work together, flickr photos can have tag suggestions pop up from my delicious tag list and others similar or popular tags on delicious.

A flock of APIs in a browser…

As far as the Flock vs Firefox debate at webreakstuff goes I am all for the influence this will have on Firefox developers. Firefox is incredible and the extensions I have started using recently (del.ic.ious, Tabbrowser Preferences, StumbleUpon, Web Developer) to name a few have changed my browsing experience significantly. I will switch back and forth to see which fits better, its gonna be a hard sell for flock but they have definately come out swingin.


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One Response to Flocked and enjoying it

  1. Carol says:

    Lovin your posts on bio-teams and flock!
    Have now blog-rolled you…
    Cheers, Carol

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